Thursday, July 9, 2015

Marquis of Cornwallis, Marchmont Street WC1N 1AP

A Fellow MSer!

It makes me very happy when I get a notification via twitter that a fellow MSer has sent me a picture of an accessible loo for me to add to my blog and that is exactly what happened this week!

The message read

@mumdean Found good pub with good disabled access loo Marquis of Cornwallis, Marchmont Street WC1N 1AP


The message was sent by Patrick Burke (@aid4disabled) who is a Professional speaker on Multiple sclerosis. He has SPMS (Secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis) and wants to improve lives of other sufferers. Website . help progressive disabilities. Check out his website and follow Patrick on Twitter he is one knowledgeable guy. Lets all work together raising awareness.


Monday, July 6, 2015

Prezzo - New Oxford Street and Aldwych Theatre


Our first stop on Saturday was to Prezzo where 9 of us sat down for a bite to eat before going off to the theatre.

The food was great but the loo area for me was not big enough. I now need to visit the loo with my carer who is able to help me stand to transfer so room for two is required!

Anyway see for yourself:-


The room was to small to take a full photo! x

Aldwych Theatre

A great place to go!
The front of  house staff could not have been more accommodating.
We went to see the Carol King musical - Beautiful, it was amazing - a great afternoon.

There is only one accessible loo in the theatre which can be a slight draw back if all the wheelchair spaces are being used and I suppose matters are not helped if people like me are taking photos!

The space was great an for me as usual with a standing transfer have the vertical bars really helped.

Anyway here are s few photo's


A great day  out!