Monday, March 31, 2014

The Chilterns MS Centre - Wendover - Bucks

I was flicking through my blog this afternoon and realised how remiss of me that I have never posted pictures of the loos at the MS centre that I go to. There are over 6 toilets at the centre with a mixture of left and right hand transfers. There is even a closomat (an all singing and dancing loo which washes and blowdrys). Each loo door has an automatic door opener on it as well.

As you would expect with any new build the loos are bright and modern they get a thumbs up from me!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Stratford - London

Rose Bruford

Its been a few weeks since I last updated my blog to be honest that is because I haven't been anywhere new until Saturday just gone!!

My niece is in her final year at Rose Bruford College and is studying costume design. She was the Costume Supervisor  for the production of Into the Woods. A super performance. The production was held at Stratford Circus Theatre.

Of course while I was there I used their facilities and was not disappointed!

Nice and clean and for me the hand rails were all in the right place.

Pizza Express

After we had been to the theatre we went over the road to a Pizza Express. We had a lovely meal and then it was time to use the loo! Unfortunately as with many places either the actual loo or just outside it is used as a storeroom so I needed help being able to get into it!

The loo itself was OK and nothing untoward was kept inside!

So the first loo of the day was good the second got a thumbs down from me x