Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tesco - Broadfields - Aylesbury Bucks

Well this week I thought I would share with you the pictures of the toilet in the Tesco extra in Aylesbury !!

Not a bad loo at all, I like this one as it's in the body of the shop so no need to go through the checkout if you need a wee half way through your shopping!! x

Hampden House, Great Hampden, Great Missenden, Bucks

This is a wonderful venue and steeped in history, now used for wedding ceremonies and the likes. A true supporter of Chilterns MS Centre and today we used one of the beautiful rooms for our half day strategy meeting.

First stop for me was the loo!! They didn't  disappoint.

It was great for to use and I didn't require any assistance.

Thank you to all the staff at Hampden House they couldn't do enough for us. x

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Empire cinema - Cressex, Bucks

Not a good weekend for loos!!

Wow this really was not a good loo for me. I really didn't feel safe. This was mainly due to the lack of drop down bars next to the loo and due to where some designer positioned the loo paper dispenser you need to be some sort of contortionist to get at the paper and not fall off the loo. I could not have achieved my mission without having someone with me.

Not nice I feel a little complaint letter coming on!!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wickes extra - Aylesbury

Oh Dear!!!

Yesterday I went for my annual review with my neurologist. All was fine and we went home without stopping to use the loo.

Having got home it was now a matter of urgency!! Disaster!! I threw myself at the loo with such force that this happened:

One broken loo seat (or maybe I'm just over weight)?.
So off we trot this morning looking for a temporary replacement until I get a new one from 'etac'. We ended up in Wickes to see if they had anything suitable - well they didn't but the good news was they had an accessible loo!!
It was fine and useful to know they have one.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Worthing - West Sussex

Worthing Seafront

Last summer we went down to Worthing. 

The sea front there is very accessible and has a promenade which goes a long the whole of the Seafront, on a nice summers day it makes a lovely gentle stroll or roll in my case!!

We stopped for an ice cream and I used the facilities. The ones I used did require a Radar key. Which normally means you can expect tidy and clean facilities. I wasn't disappointed however I did experience something that I hadn't before and haven't since. Just look at the photos below and see the height of the drop down hand rails they nearly came up to my arm pits - quite extraordinary!

However lots of room but due to the heigt of the handrails I did need assistance.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tesco Tring Road Aylesbury

This is real live info. So it will be short and Sweet!! Tuesday night in Aylesbury shopping and I need the loo.

The Woolpack - Stoke Mandeville Bucks


I was speaking to a physiotherapist about choosing manageable food from a menu, because if I don't I end up throwing it across the table when I cut it, and those sat next to me get covered. At this point she said why on earth don't you get the chef to cut your food into bit size pieces before they bring it out. Well it just so happened I was due to go out with friends at a local pub called the Woolpack just after that. http://www.woolpackstokemandeville.co.uk/.

As I was with friends that completely understood my situation I was brave enough to ask if my food could be cut up and guess what the waitress said yes!! The only difficulty I had was one of my friends asking if they had a tape measure so she could measure my mouth as she was SURE my bitesize was NOT normal!!

Well I had a lovely meal and felt very comfortable and completely relaxed.

Time to use the loo and they were absolutely fine. I needed no assistance what so ever.

Monday, January 20, 2014

RSC - Stratford upon Avon

I will not lie but it came as a huge shock to me when it became very apparent that our daughter had a huge love of the great Bard. I myself have never embraced the whole concept of Shakespeare, as far as I was concerned I studied Macbeth for O level and that was it. My husband is somewhat more knowledgeable!

Well our daughter is now a RSC Student Leader and is part of the World  Wide Classroom, she through her school has been presented with amazing opportunities.

We therefore need to encourage this new found passion and started to visit Stratford upon Avon a couple of times a year.


Apart from the obvious at the theatre, during the month of August there is often free performances in the 'dell' (the gardens attached to the RSC) acted by a local theatre company.

Last year there was a costume exhibition - which was wonderful. The exhibition was in the older part of the building but there were still accessible loos.

Our most recent visit we used the park and ride http://www.stratfordparkway.co.uk  and what great loos they had there!

A great day out!

Dorchester-on-Thames and the National Garden Scheme

Monday 20th January 2014

I seem to have got my mojo back and want to post as much on my blog as possible.

I know this is slightly going off track but let's look at it as two for the price of one sort of deal.

Last year I discovered the National Garden Scheme http://www.ngs.org.uk/
These are gardens that are open for charity. There is a book which can be purchased detailing all the gardens and there are 100's throughout the country. The reason it appealed to me so much was that the hard work was done for me! We chose to go and visit Dorchester-on-thames. There is a key which details the facilities in the blurb it will also state ground covering i.e hard standing or grass. It also states the facilities:

As you can see from the pictures the toilet facilities were clean and bright and the gardens were beautiful, if you love gardens or you are a keen photographer look up the NGS it certainly is a good resource.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

World's End Garden Centre - Wendover Bucks

A great garden centre that also has other shops attached. 
Each month the Chilterns MS Centre hold a collection there www.chilternsmscentre.org
There are not only great loos here but a lovely restaurant to have tea and cake in.

The Shoulder of Mutton

1st December 2013

Getting carried away now, just found these pictures after we went to the Shoulder of Mutton in Wendover, Bucks for my husbands birthday. Super Sunday lunch. Good facilities easy access xx

Trial and Error

I decided to try some more modern technology and download the blogger app to my phone with the thought I could write a post and upload a photo instantly. So this morning I thought I would give it a go using some pictures from last weekend

Strada - London SW1Y 4EA

Armed with our Tesco club card vouchers and still buzzing from our trip to see CIrque du Soleil we went to eat at strada. I asked if the chef would cut up my food before it was brought out and the answer was yes ( never has the restaurant refused and it really helps with fatigue management). The food was great now time for a trip to the loo, I was a bit disappointed for me not ideal as the grab rail was only horizontal and not vertical so I needed assistance due to my distinct lack of balance. Anyway it wouldn't stop me going there again but judge for yourself!! 

Until next time xx

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Royal Albert Hall

Saturday 11th January

I have never visited the Royal Albert Hall before and I have always wanted to see Cirque du Soleil, so when we found out they were on tour and one of the places would be the Albert Hall that soon became our family Christmas present. Like so many places the assistant is free of charge.

Very accessible building with wonderful and helpful staff. For the first time in a very long time our family of three were able to sit together. Also the have 10 bookable blue badge  spaces right outside, I would recommend booking one if you plan driving at the same time you book your theatre tickets.


There is a guide regarding the accessibility and that can be downloaded into a pdf file.

The loos are good and well maintained and there are accessible ones on each floor.

A wonderful day out with great facilities.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Waterside Theatre - Aylesbury

I have been very lucky recently to attend shows that have been put on at The Waterside Theatre in Aylesbury. The Theatre officially opened in 2010, and as you would expect,as a new build the accessible loos are more than adequate.

There is of course plenty of wheelchair seating.

Now down to the matter in hand the loos!

Nice clean and a good size. Not only have I seen some good shows at this theatre but all has been reassuring knowing I will not have any difficulties with the facilities.

Bravo! The Waterside Theatre.