Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Park and Ride High Wycombe Bucks

It's so much easier to go to the Park and Ride than fight for a parking spot in town.
The loos there are also clean and bright.


Monday, June 23, 2014

Stoke Mandeville Hospital - out patients

To use my Mums expression there is not enough room to swing a cat!!
If at all possible and you can wait and do the hike use the loos in the main hospital
they are much bigger!

The photo probably doesn't show how little room there is you will just need to believe me!

Dinton Country Park / Berkshire

Although we were at activity centre which is 0.7 miles from the park we popped into the country park after having a walk round the lake.

For those with young children there is a great play area/ park there.
Check out the web site

Anyway down to the business of why I am really here!

Good facilities in a wonderful location!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Canterbury Cathedral

A beautiful June Day spent visiting Canterbury Cathedral and within the grounds next to the gift shop are the public loos.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Dacorum Civic Centre

This is a special post.

On the 28th May I was invited along with others from the MS Centre to the mayor making ceremony of Decorum.

The Mayor Cllr Allan Dawson has chosen the Chilterns MS Centre his chosen charity for the year. This is fantastic news for us.

I did feel however I wouldn't be true to myself if I didn't seek permission from the mayors secretary (Jenny) to take some pictures of their accessible loo and published them on my blog - the answer came back as yes so here they are!

As I am sure you can imagine it was a good clean area and for me all the hand rails were in the right place.

Thank you Dacorum Civic Centre!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Zizzi - High Wycombe Bucks

What a huge space and clean.

Well done Zizzi's - great meal to!!


Eden Centre High Wycombe

Longwick Village Hall - Bucks

Oh my goodness me out little girl has turned 16!
Time to get the family together and have a gathering!

There are two loos in the one room, one accessible at a little one for the play group! It was fine and served the purpose.

Bluewater Shopping Centre

On the 17th May we were in Kent taking our daughter to the Regional Competitions for St John Ambulance where she was meeting/greeting and presenting in her Capacity of Regional Cadet of the Year.

So hubby and I popped into Bluewater Shopping Centre.

So nice light and airy I popped in a couple of times!!!

Prestwood 10k - Sprinters Lane Leisure Centre Prestwood

You know when you haven't written your blog for a while by the number of pictures of loos on your phone!!
So I will try a mass upload from my phone starting with the Prestwood  10k held on the 18th May. 

Good clean faculties!

Willen Lake - Milton Keynes

 The other week we needed to pop over to Milton Keynes Shopping Centre to pick up a pre ordered pair of shoes from Next having done that I popped into one of the accessible loos.

Nice clean loos, I certainly had no issues

As it was such a nice day we stopped at Willen Lake and had a walk round tucked in this space is a Buddist Temple and even an accessible loo!! So I am sharing with you not just pictures of the loo but the Temple and Shrine as well!!

Great place to visit so peaceful xx