Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Jubilee Sailing Trust

Jubilee Sailing Trust

This is a must for all those people who are looking for something different. I know several individuals of various abilities male and female who have had the time of their lives on the many tripsJST run. I am yet to go but hope to next year now our daughter is old enough to take part in the Youth Leadership @ Sea scheme they run.

In the meantime just look at the quality of the facilities!!

If you love the outdoors and you have a sense of adventure, please take the chance to check out their website.

Thank You

Friday, September 13, 2013

A fellow 'trekkie' and bog spotter! - On holiday Saltaire, West Yorkshire

12th September

Yesterday I received a notification for a blog that I have been following. It's one that I have taken a keen interest in over the past year as it's by a fellow Trekinetic user, and I referred to her blog when I went on a recent holiday and got plenty of useful tips on travelling especially flying with my K2 (no please don't think I am the next Harry Potter and whizz around on my K-2 like a broomstick)!!

The blog I have been following is:


Just imagine my delight when I contacted Michele and she said I could share her posts about accessible loos!

Now to learn how to reblog!! But for now I will try the copy and paste route

It was a holiday here in the UK on Monday and we went out for the day with a couple of great friends.  We had a lot of choice but decided on Saltaire in West Yorkshire because I have just finished reading an amazing book on the cotton mills in Lancashire and wanted to see this World Heritage Site first hand.  It turned out to be a wonderful day and seeing the mill buildings was amazing and worth the trip.
As always when I am out and about I like to ‘check out’ the facilities and report back in case you ever land up in the same place and on this occasion I was not disappointed because it turned out to be the BIGGEST disabled toilet I have EVER been into!  You can definitely swing the proverbial cat around in here; in fact, you could host a large party in this toilet – it was clean as well which is always a great plus point for me!  No problems at all turning around in my wheelchair; how often have I got stuck on the basin or a dustbin and had to spend ages manoeuvring around and eventually having to back out of the room at the same time trying to open the door – you know what I’m talking about because no doubt it has happened to you too!
Seriously, this picture cannot do it any justice because I have taken it from the corner of the room as far back as possible and cannot even get half of the room into the picture….
See how small the basin and toilet are in comparison to the window!  This is a typical huge window in a cotton mill and I am pleased that these buildings are protected and cannot have them replaced with those dreadful modern plastic units.
I can definitely recommend spending a penny here! :-)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

College Lake - Tring Hertfordshire

This is not just a great place to visit but has all the amenities as well.

During the summer we visited college Lake in Hertfordshire not only is the route around the lake wheelcair friendly, but if you pre book you can use their outdoor scooter for a small donation.

The loo is also accessible and just fine:

A great place to visit.

Frankie & Benny's (Nice loo!! - Aylesbury Buckinghamshire)

Clean and smart.

Learn Italian while on the loo!

Thank you!!

Pizza Express - Various

Thanks to my Tesco Clubcard vouchers, when we go out for a long day we often stop off for a meal at Pizza Express and pay for it with our vouchers. This is now made nice and simple as the vouchers can be ordered over the internet and printed out within hours.

To be honest the loos are not consistantly good or bad but here are a couple I have been to:

First two pictures are from the Pizza Express in the main shopping centre in Milton Keynes. Very clean and tidy but not lots of room.

When visiting the Hawk Conservancy Trust we find Newbury a convenient place to stop on the way back, great service in the restaurant, the loo is accessible but not the best but OK! I personally find it quite hard to dry my hands using the dryer.

My own experience with Pizza Express has been good but limited. The facilities would not stop me going there again.