Friday, June 28, 2013

Holy Trinity Church Aylesbury

Last weekend (22nd June) I attended a concert by the Aylesbury Music Centre Clarinet Choir at the Holy Trinity Church in Aylesbury. It was a great evening with so many talented young people and quite clearly a Music teacher to lead them who has so much passion.

This will be my first entry for an accessible toilet since creating my blog. For me (a wheelchair user) it was a good experience, nice and spacious, hand rails and dryers and above all clean!

Armed with my camera I took some pictures so you can see for yourself - as I have said previously one type/size does NOT fit all!

I would rate this as 4 stars (out of 5)

The church also runs a coffee shop - well worth a visit.

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Radar Key

An essential item - when I worked my employers arranged for me to have a Radar Key which they purchased through Oxfordshire County Council.

Below is a recent article by the BBC regarding accessible loos.

Why the bog blog!

I am not suggesting my whole life revolves around the loo, but as a wheelchair user before I go and visit any where I need to know that there is an accessible loo and of course what is accessible to me may not be accessible to others and vice versa.

Maybe I am a bit obsessive but I need to know that the ‘accessible toilet' is not used as a store cupboard! Is it a right hand or left hand transfer? What sort of handrails are there? Are there paper towels or hand dryers? All of these have an impact on the experience!!

So my idea of an ‘accessible bog blog’ was born whilst in the car travelling to my parent’s house with my husband and daughter!

It’s going to be slow to start off with, but I really want to build up a list of accessible loos and even with pictures, maybe in time I can start a Facebook page and others can recommend facilities and post pictures.

I am new to this blogging business but I really hope this scatty ides works!