Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pizza Express - Various

Thanks to my Tesco Clubcard vouchers, when we go out for a long day we often stop off for a meal at Pizza Express and pay for it with our vouchers. This is now made nice and simple as the vouchers can be ordered over the internet and printed out within hours.

To be honest the loos are not consistantly good or bad but here are a couple I have been to:

First two pictures are from the Pizza Express in the main shopping centre in Milton Keynes. Very clean and tidy but not lots of room.

When visiting the Hawk Conservancy Trust we find Newbury a convenient place to stop on the way back, great service in the restaurant, the loo is accessible but not the best but OK! I personally find it quite hard to dry my hands using the dryer.

My own experience with Pizza Express has been good but limited. The facilities would not stop me going there again.

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