Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Milton Keynes Theatre - 14th July 2013

On the 14th July we went to Milton Keynes Theatre as part of my birthday treat to see Strictly Confidential - a show full of girlie indulgence - It was great. The theatre is accessible and like so many theatre's the carer goes free.

As soon as we arrived my first stop was the accessible loo in the main entrance. They say first impressions count and they do, this did not disappoint!

Clean, bright, plenty of hand rails. The hand dryer was right next to the sink for me it was perfect and I ffelt confident because of the layout of the loo I could go solo!

The interval came and I thought I'd go for a comfort break. Instead of going to the same loo as before, I decided to use the loo on the 1st floor as that was the same level as our seats. Not the best decision in the world for me, I needed assistance from my husband due to the lack of grab rails. This might of course be me being picky but see for yourself, I just couldn't pull up my trousers what ever I tried!

I would say however that I think there is probably a good amount of room for those that want a side transfer providing the side you can do it from suits. The first loo gets top marks from me the second loo only a 3 out of 5 because I was unable to maintain my independence and needed assistance. A great place to go to the theatre and without doubt I would go again.

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