Monday, January 20, 2014

RSC - Stratford upon Avon

I will not lie but it came as a huge shock to me when it became very apparent that our daughter had a huge love of the great Bard. I myself have never embraced the whole concept of Shakespeare, as far as I was concerned I studied Macbeth for O level and that was it. My husband is somewhat more knowledgeable!

Well our daughter is now a RSC Student Leader and is part of the World  Wide Classroom, she through her school has been presented with amazing opportunities.

We therefore need to encourage this new found passion and started to visit Stratford upon Avon a couple of times a year.

Apart from the obvious at the theatre, during the month of August there is often free performances in the 'dell' (the gardens attached to the RSC) acted by a local theatre company.

Last year there was a costume exhibition - which was wonderful. The exhibition was in the older part of the building but there were still accessible loos.

Our most recent visit we used the park and ride  and what great loos they had there!

A great day out!

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