Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Woolpack - Stoke Mandeville Bucks


I was speaking to a physiotherapist about choosing manageable food from a menu, because if I don't I end up throwing it across the table when I cut it, and those sat next to me get covered. At this point she said why on earth don't you get the chef to cut your food into bit size pieces before they bring it out. Well it just so happened I was due to go out with friends at a local pub called the Woolpack just after that. http://www.woolpackstokemandeville.co.uk/.

As I was with friends that completely understood my situation I was brave enough to ask if my food could be cut up and guess what the waitress said yes!! The only difficulty I had was one of my friends asking if they had a tape measure so she could measure my mouth as she was SURE my bitesize was NOT normal!!

Well I had a lovely meal and felt very comfortable and completely relaxed.

Time to use the loo and they were absolutely fine. I needed no assistance what so ever.

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